GODMOTHER is a richly poignant and heartfelt comedy drama based on the popular book of the same name. Tessa is at a cross roads. Her care-free, no strings attached lifestyle has begun to lose its shine and she’s the last of her friends to settle down. While witnessing her friends’ difficulties in marriage and parenthood she plays eternal godmother to their broods, a role she relishes. When tragedy strikes, Tessa is forced to re-examine what she thinks will really make her happy. Funny, moving and smart, Godmother has all the trappings of a Bridget Jones for the new generation.



Director: Ashley Pearce (Broken, Downton Abbey, Maigret)
Producer: Chris Coen (Funny Games, Shadow Dancer, Special Correspondents)


Alice Eve (Star Trek Into Darkness)
Clemence Poesy (In Bruges)
Clive Owen (Children of Men)
JJ Field (Captain America: The First Avenger)
Dougray Scott (Mission: Impossible II)
Greta Scacchi (The Player)


Comedy drama