Shooting For Socrates


Set against the backdrop of the 1986 World Cup when the smallest football nation, Northern Ireland, took on the mighty Brazil in a match that briefly reunites a divided country. This is a David Vs. Goliath set in Belfast against the backdrop of the 1986 World Cup. It tells the story of a momentous time in Northern Ireland’s football history through the eyes of players, fans and the media. The film also follows the lives of passionate football supporter Arthur and his son Tommy from East Belfast. The lead up to a momentous day in the life of a young boy (his 10th birthday) mirrors the build up to the big day for the Northern Ireland football team as they play the greatest match of their lives against Brazil.


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Release Date: 12th June
Certificate: PG

Cast And Crew

Director: James Erskine (One Night in Turin)
Writer: Marie Jones (Olivier Award - Stones in His Pockets)