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I Am Here

A life-affirming documentary that celebrates the remarkable life of Ella Blumenthal, whose magnetic personality and spirit has remained undimmed despite living through one of history’s darkest chapters.


One of the oldest living survivors to bear witness to the Holocaust, Ella celebrates her 98th birthday, where she reveals to close friends and family the profound memories of her incredible survival in a way she has never done before.


Told through a mixture of dynamic 2D animation and documentary footage, Ella’s incredible life journey demonstrates an unwavering appreciation and zest for life that offers a universal message of resilience for a world that continues to divide when it should unite. In the face of unfathomable hate, Ella chooses to inspire us through love.

Director : Jordy Sank
Producer : Gabriella Blumberg
Genre : Documentary

Award-winning director Damon Gameau (That Sugar Film) embarks on a journey to explore what the future could look like by the year 2040 if we simply embraced the best solutions already available to us to improve our planet and shifted them rapidly into the mainstream. Structured as a visual letter to his 4-year-old daughter, Damon blends traditional documentary footage with dramatised sequences and high-end visual effects to create a vision board for his daughter and the planet.
Director : Damon Gameau
Writer :
 Damon Gameau  
Nick Batzias (That Sugar Film), Virginia Whitwell (All for One), Anna Kaplan (That Sugar Film)
Genre : Documentary 

The Banksy Job
A heist movie, screwball comedy and documentary all rolled into one big paint splattered ball, Daylight Robbery is about art, crime, authentication, ongoing feuds and a famous statue that, when it is reintroduced to the marketplace, could be worth millions.
Directors : Ian Roderick Gray, Dylan Harvey
Writers :
 Ian Roderick Gray, Dylan Harvey
Producer : Christine Alderson (Comes a bright Day)
Genre : Documentary
That Sugar Film
In the vein of “Supersize Me”, Damon Gameau becomes a human guinea-pig when he puts himself through a gruelling 8 week diet (60 days) consuming the equivalent of 40 teaspoons of sugar a day… the average daily amount consumed by teenagers! 
Director : Damon Gameau
Writer :
 Damon Gameau  
Producer :
Nick Batzias
Genre : Documentary
Year : 2014

Soul Boys Of The Western World
Set against the backdrop of the 80’s music scene, this documentary charts the meteoric rise, fall and ultimate reunion of pop sensation Spandau Ballet, told by the band members themselves with unseen archive footage that will thrill the many fans and beyond.
Directors : George Hencken
Producers : Steve Dagger, Scott Millaney
Cast : Tony Hadley, John Keeble, Gary Kemp, Martin Kemp, Steve Norman
Genre : Documentary
Year : 2014
Rio 50
A journey through time that reflects on the social, political, financial, musical and cultural revolutions that have taken place in Rio over the past 40 turbulent years. It is also a journey through the city’s evolving and eclectic music scene, and an expression on the power of music – as a form of protest and comment – that can be a catalyst for change.
Director : Julien Temple (Glastonbury, London: The Modern Babylon) 
Writer :
 Julien Temple
Producers : Mike Downey, Sam Taylor (White Lightnin’)
Genre : Documentary
Year : 2014

London: The Modern Babylon
LONDON – The Modern Babylon is legendary director Julien Temple’s epic time-travelling voyage to the heart of his hometown. It is the story of London and the people who transformed it into a global metropolis, narrated through a century of music and film archive treasures. 
Director : Julien Temple (Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten) 
Writer :
 Julien Temple (Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten) 
Co-Producer :
 Rosa Bosch (Buena Vista Social Club)
Genre : Documentary
Year : 2012

Bobby Fischer
The tragic and bizarre life of the late chess master Bobby Fischer. Bobby’s life is a spectacular story of the rise and fall of an American hero.
Director / Writer : Liz Garbus (The Farm: Angola, USA)
Producers : Liz Garbus, Stanley Buchthal, Rory Kennedy, Matthew Justus
Genre : Documentary
Year : 2011
Page One
Unprecedented access to the inner sanctum of the New York Times newsroom for a year, Page One delivers a vital and fascinating portrait of the news and the people who make it.
Director : Andrew Rossi (Le Cirque: A Table in Heaven) 
Writer / Producer :
 Andrew Rossi, Kate Novack 
Genre : Documentary
Year : 2011
Last Call At The Oasis
The global water shortage is the biggest social issue facing the world today. This powerful and stimulating film shatters myths and provides solutions whilst being entertaining, shocking and funny in equal measures.
Directors : Jessica Yu (Protagonist, Breathing lessons: The life and work of Mark O’Brien) Inspired by the book by Alex Prud’homme
Writer / Producer : Andrew Rossi, Kate Novack 
Producers :
 Elise Pearlstein (Food Inc.), Jessica Yu, Participant Media (An Inconvenient truth) 
Cast :
 Erin Brockovich, Jack Black
Genre : Documentary
Year : 2011